Clutch Fly Rod Review

Clutch is a young fly rod company when you look at their competitors (e.g., Sage, Orvis, Scott). That means nothing when you compare their fly rods.

Clutch came to fruition in 2015 when a couple of buddies wanted the perfect rod. Don’t get me wrong there are numerous rod companies that make beautiful and high-quality rods at all price ranges but these guys had something else in mind.

There was something missing from the current rods. Clutch set out to build the rod of their dreams. They called it Archipelago and Clutch was born.

Clutch has built numerous rods since their first creation. Each unique and targeted to a specific fishing situation.

All Clutch fly rods are covered by a lifetime warranty.

Below we review each of Clutch’s fly rods.

  • Archipelago
  • Core
  • Fluent
  • React
  • Tannik
  • Theory
Rod Length Weight
Archipelago 9-foot 5 – 12 weight
Core 9-foot 4 – 10 weight
Fluent 9-foot 4 – 6 weight
React 8-foot, 1-inch 250 and 350 grain
Tannik 8-foot, 10-inch 350 and 450 grain
Theory 8-foot 12-inch 8 – 12 weight

Clutch Archipelago Fly Rod Review


The Archipelago can serve as your go-to saltwater fly rod with a strong enough backbone to deliver large flies in heavy wind and fight, land strong saltwater fish.

The Archipelago offers up a large selection of rods by weight in the 9-foot frame. The rod can be ordered in weights from 5 weight all the way up to a massive 12 weight.

A four-piece design makes the rod easy to pack on a plane or in a loaded car on a trek down south to the gulf. Everything the above packaged in a beautiful black rod tube.

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Clutch Core Fly Rod Review


The Core fly rod series encompasses seven line sizes from 4 weight up 10 weight. The Core is perfect for any fishing situation. The rod is delicate enough as a 4 weight to present small dry flies to sipping trout while the 10 weight has the strength to land a baby tarpon.

As a four piece, it’s easy to travel with from stowing away in your bag or taking up little to no room in a car.

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Clutch Fluent Fly Rod Review


While only available in three lines sizes (4 weight through 6 weight), the Fluent series packs a punch. The rod is perfect for landlocked fisherman tangling with warm water and cold water fish alike. Each of the weights can be used to stalk carp, present delicate flies to picky trout, and pull up big largemouth.

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Clutch React Fly Rod Review


The React series is the little sibling of the Tannik series. It’s 8 feet and 1 inch long with two different weight options (250 and 350 grains).

It’s an excellent intermediate sinking line fly fishing rod. The rod is a one piece so traveling can be a little difficult if you don’t have a lot of space in your car.

The React series is perfect for lobbing streamers to hungry trout and pulling bass away from their homes.

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Clutch Tannik Fly Rod Review


Do you fish sinking lines often? If so, the Tannik is your rod. At 8 foot 10 inches, the Tannik comes in two different sizes to throw 350 and 450-grain sinking lines. It’s a slim but powerful rod that can throw heavy sinking lines with chunky flies in windy environments.

Not only can it make these casts but it can handle and tame the fish that grab the fly.

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Clutch Theory Fly Rod Review


The Theory is a strong and durable rod. The one-piece design makes the rod a little stronger and more durable. While it’s not as easy to travel with at an 8-foot 12-inch one-piece fly rod, it is an excellent choice for delivering large flies in strong headwinds to big saltwater fish.

A great choice if you live near your fishing destination and do not require extensive travel.

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