Best Fly Rod Roof Racks: The Ultimate Guide

What is a Fly Rod Roof Rack? 

Before you can learn about the best fly rod roof racks, you need to know what a fly rod roof rack is. Just like the name suggests, these types of racks are designed for transporting and storing fishing rods and other things like coolers and tackle boxes. They may also be referred to as bicycle roof carriers or bike roof carriers depending on what exactly they are designed for. A typical fly rod roof rack is usually made of heavy-duty steel with a coating of some type to make it weather resistant and durable.

The main differences between the various types of fly rod roof racks are size and flexibility. The fork-mounted bicycle rack is one of the most popular, due to its small dimensions which allow it to be fitted on almost any type of vehicle. The adapter type of rack is very flexible and can be attached to almost any bicycle. The roof-mounted carrier will obviously fit only onto the roof of a vehicle, while the gooseneck and side clamp carriers are generally considered more permanent solutions rather than something that can easily be moved from vehicle to vehicle.

Fly Rod CarrierNumber of RodsFully CoveredCheck price on Amazon
Thule Rodvault2 & 4 rod modelsYesCheck the price on Amazon
YAKIMA DoubleHaul4 rodsYesCheck the price on Amazon
GEAR RAK4 rodsYesCheck the price on Amazon
River Quiver4 rodsYesCheck the price on Amazon

Things to Consider Before Purchasing a Fly Rod Roof Rack

Before purchasing a fly rod roof rack, you need to be aware of some important factors. 

What type of vehicle are they going on? 

Some racks are designed for cars only while others will fit almost every type of vehicle. Consider the length and width of your vehicle carefully before choosing what type or model you want. You also need to consider the type of roof racks that are already installed on your car or how you plan to have them installed, as this will have a major impact on the types of carriers available.

How many rods do you need to carry? 

Many fly rod roof racks can hold up to 4 rods easily, but some can hold more than this. Obviously, the more rods you need to store, the bigger and more expensive the rack will be. Fly rod racks on roof carriers are available in many different shapes and sizes, so you can exactly choose something that fits your needs.

How often do you plan on transporting your rods? 

Frequent travelers may prefer a lighter and smaller carrier, while people who only need it for occasional trips may want to consider larger and sturdier models that can hold more than 4 rods.

Will you be using this carrier to carry other objects as well? 

If so, you may want to consider a type of fly rod roof rack that can be expanded. These are usually more expensive but they will give you the most flexibility. Some types of carriers come with a special attachment that allows you to mount other kinds of objects to them, like coolers or tackle boxes. Some racks even allow for the transportation of bicycles.

What are the dimensions of your vehicle? 

The size and weight constraints may vary depending on what type of rack you choose. Before making up your mind, make sure you check these factors carefully.

Fly rod car roof racks are not suitable for all vehicles so read the instructions before buying online. There are also bike rack models available which can be attached to the rear or front lights, but there is no point using this type of carrier if your vehicle doesn’t come with a place to attach them.

Do some research before you purchase any fly rod roof rack. Look at all your options carefully and study the features of each model. You may also want to ask someone who has already purchased one about their experience with certain models before purchasing this product online or in a store near you. Don’t rush into buying anything, especially if it is an expensive piece of equipment that is going to serve you for a long time. Think about your requirements and then compare all the available models carefully before making up your mind.

The Best Fly Rod Roof Racks Available

Image of the Thule Rodvault Fly Fishing Rod Carrier.

Thule Rodvault Fly Fishing Rod Carrier

The Thule Rodvault Fly Fishing Rod Carrier is a great way to transport your fly fishing rods. The carrier is made out of heavy-duty materials, so it can withstand the wear and tear of traveling. It also has a padded interior, so your rods will be protected from damage. The Rodvault also comes with a built-in rod tube, so you can easily store your rods when you’re not using them.

Thule Rodvault Fly Fishing Rod Carrier has an adjustable hold-down arm and once installed on top of your car’s roof rack it will not budge or vibrate at high speeds.

It is compatible with other products made by Thule, but you have to pay more for additional locking mechanisms that will secure this carrier to your vehicle’s roof rack. Keep your fly rods secure with Thule’s locking fishing rod roof rack system. 

The fully assembled dimensions are 128 inches x 7.5 inches x 8 inches. The carrier holds rods up to 10 feet in length.

The fly rod tubes are lined with polypropylene to prevent scratches and protect your rods in transit.

The assembly process is very simple and it does not require you to drill or damage your current car roof rack structure. The package includes everything you need for installing this carrier on your vehicle and it comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

If you need a product that is similar to this one, but with an opposite design, browse the other products by Thule and check if they have a model available for your needs.

Thule offers the rod carrier in a two-rod and four-rod model. Give Thule’s rooftop fishing rod holder a try.

Image of the YAKIMA DoubleHaul Rooftop Fly Rod Carrier.

YAKIMA DoubleHaul Rooftop Fly Rod Carrier

A YAKIMA fishing rod rack is ideal for avid anglers who need space to store their rods. The DoubleHaul rooftop fishing rod mount is an accessory that can carry up to 8 fully-rigged rods, giving you the convenience of bringing your favorite fishing rods with you. It’s also sturdy and durable enough for any outside use, providing a safe fishing spot on the rooftop. The mounting hardware includes lag bolts, washer, nut, and bolt, locking nut, screws, and nylon spacers. The mounting clips are ultra-slim and can be mounted in tight spaces like rafters or beams that might not accommodate bulky racks.

This rod carrier holds up to 4 fly rods. The rods are exposed to the elements. Install is a breeze with a tool-free clamping system. And covered with a limited lifetime warranty. Single-button access makes loading and removing rods fast. Perfect for quick relocations when searching for the fish. 

The Yakima, DoubleHaul Rooftop Fishing Rod Mount is a great way to carry up to 4 fully-rigged rods. It installs easily on the roof of your car, and it’s made of durable materials that will last for years. The Yakima, DoubleHaul Rooftop Fishing Rod Mount is also backed by a lifetime warranty, so you can be sure you’re getting a quality product.

Try YAKIMA’s roof top fishing rod holder.

Image of the GEAR RAK Fishing Rod Transportation System Roof Top Rack.

GEAR RAK Fishing Rod Transportation System Roof Top Rack

The Gear RAK Roof Top Rack is designed for transporting your fishing rods around. This includes the US Army version of this system. The Gear RAK has a patented rod holder which holds your rods securely and prevents them from getting tangled. This is the best rooftop rack for fishing you can find on the market today.

This fly rod roof rack system is the perfect way to transport your fishing rods on your car. It mounts quickly and easily to your car’s roof, and it can hold up to six fishing rods. This system makes it easy to take your fishing rods with you wherever you go, and it keeps them safe and secure while you’re driving.

The GEAR RAK holds up to four fly rods. Give GEAR RAK’s rooftop fishing rod holder a try.

Image of the River Quiver Fly Rod Roof Rack.

River Quiver Fly Rod Roof Rack

The River Quiver fly rod roof rack is manufactured in Canada. It’s made from high tensile aluminum which will not rust or corrode and it can sustain heavy loads up to 300kgs.

The rod holder is a versatile mounting system that is shock-proof and can withstand wind and impact loads. The design was aerodynamic and noiseless, assembled in Boulder CO.

Benefits of the River Quiver fly rod roof rack system:

  • Easily transport your fly rod.
  • Keeps rods safe inside the vehicle.
  • No more worries about broken or lost rods on the way to your destination. 
  • Get out and enjoy nature with ease!

Try River Quiver’s rooftop fishing rod holder.

Fly rod holders and boxes for a truck

A proper fly rod holder or box is crucial for safe storage and transport of fly rods in your truck. While trucks have beds, they’re not the best place to store fly rods as gear can slide or tumble around.

Transporting fly rods from fishing spot to fishing spot can be a pain as you’d need to break them down. But with a fly rod holder, simply slide the rods into the holder and lock them up. A fly rod holder gets you back on the water and fishing faster. Instead of putting a rod back together, you just slide it out of the rod holder and start fishing again.

Our best fly rod holder for a truck recommendation is Thule Rodvault Fly Fishing Rod Carrier.

Fly rod rack for an SUV

Sure, you can run a fly rod up the middle of an SUV but you’re risking your rod. It’s a pain to unwind tangled rods or remove flies from your seats or worse carpet.

Rods swinging around is dangerous for the driver and passenger but we will not go there.

Most SUVs include roof rails which make adding a fly rod roof rack a breeze. Roof racks keep your rods safe and secure. The faster you can remove the rod from the car, the faster you get back to fishing.

Our best fly rod holder for an SUV recommendation is YAKIMA DoubleHaul Rooftop Fly Rod Carrier.

Fly rod rack for a car

Cars are notorious for their limited space. There is almost no way to fit a complete fly rod in your car. And if you break it down into pieces with the line still in it almost guarantees a mess. This means you will spend precious fishing time untangling and retying your leader and fly. 

Opt for a fly rod roof rack for your car to keep your rod safe and maximize your fishing time.

Our best fly rod holder for a car recommendation is YAKIMA DoubleHaul Rooftop Fly Rod Carrier.

Wrapping It Up

If you are planning to use your roof rack for transporting other types of objects, make sure that it is strong enough for this purpose before buying one. You may want to get a set of roof racks rather than only a single carrier, but make sure that it will not look weird to have so many roof racks installed on your vehicle.

Make sure that the carriers are compatible with the type of vehicle you will be installing them on, before buying one online or in an outdoor store nearby. Always check if the model is suitable for your type of car and make sure that all the mounts are made from solid materials that will not damage your vehicle. Also, the carriers you use should be compatible with each other in order for them to have secure locking mechanisms.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to transport fishing rods in car?

Transporting fly rods in a car can be tricky as most fly rods are longer than the cab space of a normal car. A fly rod roof rack makes transporting fly rods safely a breeze. Simply slide rods in and out of the roof rack. The rods are easily accessible and you’ll never have to unload the car to access your rods.

Can you put fishing rods on roof racks?

Yes, many fly rod roof racks are universal and can support other fishing rods. Some roof racks require you to remove the reel.

How do you carry a fly rod in a truck?

Some fisherman and women throw their fly rods in their truck’s bed. This leaves your rod vulnerable to being crushed by other gear in your bed or stolen. A fly rod roof rack is the ideal way for carrying fly rods in a truck. The roof rack keeps your fly rod safe from being broken or stolen. It’s a win-win.

How do you store a fishing rod on your roof?

A fly rod roof rack is the best option for storing and transporting your fly rods on your car. We do not recommend tying your fly rods directly tot he top of your car. It’s difficult to secure them tightly and impossible to protect them as you drive down the road. A fly rod roof rack is affordable and often less expensive than the combination of the rods you’re transporting. Make wise deicions of transporting your fly rods with a fly rod roof rack.