12 Best Fly Fishing Sling Pack in 2022 – Essential Buyer Guide

Fly fishing is a great sport that offers a lot of excitement. But if you’re looking to get the most out of your experience, you need to have the right gear. That’s why we’ve created this guide to help you find the best fly fishing sling pack for your needs. 

We’ve chosen the best packs based on their features, design, and user reviews. With this information, you’re sure to find the perfect pack for your needs. So, whether you’re a beginner or an experienced angler, read on to learn more about the best fly fishing sling pack on the market! 

What is a fly fishing sling pack? 

Whether you’re hitting the slopes for some fresh powder or chasing big game in the woods, a fly fishing sling pack is a must-have. Not only does it make the fishing experience more comfortable and manageable, but it’s also a great way to store your gear securely and conveniently. 

With a sling pack, you can easily access your gear whenever you need it without having to search through a pile of boxes or packs. And, because it’s shoulder-friendly, you can take it with you anywhere without hassle. If you’re in the market for the perfect fly fishing sling pack, read on for our top picks! 

When fly fishing sling packs were first designed, they were a way for the angler to transport gear without having to carry it all the time. With the right sling pack, everything an angler needs is right at their fingertips. 

Whether they are fishing for trout or grayling, a sling pack allows them to pack their rod and reel, lunch, snacks and drinks, and any other necessary items without worrying about weight or bulk. The best fly fishing sling packs are versatile and durable, making them perfect for any outdoor activity. 

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Fishpond San Juan Vertical Fly Fishing Chest Pack Check price on Amazon
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KastKing BlowBak Tactical Fishing Sling Tackle Storage Bag Check price on Amazon

Best Fly Fishing Sling Pack 

1. Orvis Sling Pack  

Slay your day with the latest Orvis Sling Pack. This versatile and water-resistant bag is perfect for any outdoor activity, from fishing to hiking to camping. With a streamlined and functional design, it features innovations for easy on-stream workflow. 

The placements and function of features provide for easy access and storage, while the durable 100% Cordura ECO polyester outer and 100% nylon liner ensure your belongings are safe from the elements. So, whether you’re hitting the trails or exploring a new city, take your style up a notch with the Orvis Sling Pack. 

What makes it special: 

1. This sling pack is made from 100% recycled materials 

2. The Orvis logo has been printed on the front of the bag, and it is a quality brand 

3. It has 11 liters of storage capacity, with a smaller drop-down zipper pocket for easy access to your items 

4. Easy swing handle makes carrying comfortable and effortless 

2. Allen Company Cedar Creek Fishing Sling Pack 

Got your fly box and rods ready? The Allen Company Cedar Creek Fishing Sling Pack is here to keep them close at hand, while also swinging to the front when you need it. With a wide-mouth opening and a main compartment that holds multiple flies or tackle boxes, this sling pack makes packing up a breeze. 

Plus, high-viz lining makes it easy to find what you’re looking for in the dark, and the comfortable shoulder straps make carrying it all day a breeze. Its bag-style design keeps your gear organized and easily accessible, while the strategically placed straps keep it secure and comfortable. So pack up your gear and hit the stream – Allen’s Cedar Creek Fishing Sling Pack is waiting for you! 

What makes it special: 

1. Constructed of the highest quality materials to ensure long-lasting durability 

2. Use as a workstation, fishing sling pack, or briefcase 

3. Its durable, water-resistant material is made from 100% cedar wood fiber 

4. Designed and manufactured right here in the USA by skilled craftsmen who take great pride in their workmanship. 

3. RUNCL Fishing Tackle Storage Bag 

Need to transport your fishing gear without taking up too much space? The RUNCL fishing tackle bag is just what you need! This durable and spacious storage bag is made with 600D polyester fabric with a honeycomb ripstop pattern and an integrated hard eyeglass case. 

Plus, the padded shoulder strap makes it easy to transport your gear wherever you go. And, the secure fit of the fishing pliers holder ensures that your tools are always within reach. Ready to take your fishing game to the next level? Order your RUNCL fishing tackle bag today! 

What makes it special:  

1. Holds up to 5 rods and a lot of accessories 

2. The rod storage pockets are designed for small items like a split shot, hooks, etc. 

3. A built-in hook keeper is included to keep your line from tangling in the mesh pocket when not in use 

4. There’s also an additional zippered pouch that can be used as a wet/dry bag or fishing vest storage area 

4. Simms Freestone Right Shoulder Tactical Fishing Sling Pack 

Are you tired of lugging that heavy fishing gear around with you? The Simms Freestone Right Shoulder Tactical Fishing Sling Pack is the perfect solution for you! Our sling pack is optimized for fishing, carrying everything you need without feeling weighed down. 

The front panel features a dedicated tippet slot, floating storage, and a magnetic docking station for tools. Plus, the compression straps keep your rod securely in place during the approach and return hikes. So what are you waiting for? Order your Simms Freestone Right Shoulder Tactical Fishing Sling Pack today! 

What makes it special: 

1. Sling pack for fishing, hunting, and camping 

2. Features a main compartment with a zippered top 

3. Adjustable padded shoulder straps provide comfort while carrying heavy loads 

4. Made from 100% polyester, the sling pack is made to last and has a water-resistant finish 

5. Kingfisher Teton Lightweight Flyfishing Sling Pack 

Looking to up your flyfishing game? Equip yourself with the Kingfisher Teton lightweight sling pack. Made with water-resistant nylon, this sling pack has a sleeve in the back for carrying your net securely, as well as a sleeve at the bottom for holding a water bottle. 

Strategically placed pockets and attachment points to carry a day’s worth of gear make this sling pack a must-have for any fly fisher. Better yet, it’s also made with breathability in mind, so you can keep your gear cool and dry all day long. So get ready to take your game to the next level with the Kingfisher Teton sling pack! 

What makes it special: 

1. They are among the few companies that make fishing slings for all of your needs, from kids to adults 

2. Fits most people and is not too big or small 

3. High-quality nylon material with a waterproof coating and heavy-duty metal snaps 

4. Heavy-duty canvas construction with adjustable padded shoulder straps, durable stitching, and metal hardware throughout 

6. Eagle River Lumbar Pack 

If you’re looking for an all-in-one fly box solution that’s both stylish and versatile, then the Eagle River Lumbar Pack is just what you need! Constructed from durable and weather-resistant materials, this pack features a padded waist belt and a wide mouth opening for easy access to your gear. 

The bottom of the pack is made from a non-slip material that keeps it in place on your back while you are walking or running. The carry handle makes carrying the pack easier when wearing it over one shoulder or across both shoulders 

It also comes with multiple D-rings, loops, and straps for carrying accessories. Plus, the zippered closure ensures your gear is secure and ready when you are. So, hurry and order your today – you won’t regret it! 

What makes it special: 

1. The pack is made of heavy-duty polyester that is highly resistant to wear and tear. 

2. The material used in the bag keeps it completely waterproof, so you can use it for any activity or weather condition without worrying about rain or snow getting inside your bag! 

3. It has a contoured shape with an ergonomic fit, which makes carrying this pack comfortable even after long periods! 

4. Multiple interior zippered pockets allow for easy access to items such as keys, cell phones, wallets, etc. 

7. Simms Fishing Products Tributary Sling Pack 

When fishing, you don’t want anything but the best for your catch. That’s why we present to you the Simms Tributary Sling Pack. With space and features to help you make the most of every cast, this sling pack has it all. The adjustable front panel with a dedicated tippet, floating storage, and a magnetic docking station for your tools let you carry everything you need without feeling weighed down. 

The compression straps hold your rod for the approach and return hikes, so you can spend more time fishing and less time carrying. Don’t wait any longer – order your Simms Tributary Sling Pack today! 

What makes it special: 

1. A fun and functional sling pack that is great for the day on the water or a night out in town 

2. This stylish sling pack has enough room to hold all your essentials, including your phone, wallet, keys, and sunglasses 

3. The large mesh pocket on the front of this bag allows you to store smaller items like snacks or energy bars without them getting lost inside 

4. This durable bag will stand up to years of use while keeping its shape over time with its comfortable foam padding design 

8. Kylebooker Fly Fishing Sling Pack 

If you’re looking for a sling pack that is perfect for fly fishing, look no further than Kylebooker. This fishing sling pack is equipped with adjustable padded shoulder straps for all-day comfort, making it perfect for your needs on a fishing trip. The bag is also out of the way, so you can wear it over one shoulder without it being in the way. 

Plus, the bag is equipped with a versatile storage compartment that allows you to store all of your gear in one place. Order your fishing sling pack today and start enjoying your next fishing trip! 

What makes it special: 

1. Compatible with most fishing rods 

2. Durable and lightweight design, perfect for your daily trips 

3. With a lot of pockets to store all the necessary accessories 

4. Includes an adjustable shoulder strap for easy carrying on the go 

9. Fishpond San Juan Vertical Fly Fishing Chest Pack 

When the moment calls for it, you need to be able to take your fly fishing essentials with you wherever you go. That’s why Fishpond created the San Juan Vertical Chest Pack. This handy pack stores all the essential gear you need for a day of fishing, neatly organized and easily accessible. 

The chest pack is made from durable and weatherproof fabric, has a padded back panel for comfort, and includes an internal zippered pocket for keys, wallet, or other small items. The chest pack is designed to fit comfortably on your back, so you can hike, bike, or walk wherever your heart desires. 

What makes it special:  

1. Compact and lightweight 

2. Vertical design for easy access to fly box contents 

3. Low-profile vertical design for a low profile in the water, yet still able to hold all your gear securely with adjustable straps and pockets 

4. The main compartment is zippered, providing secure fly box storage without taking up valuable space on your back or waist belt. 

10. Fishpond Thunderhead Submersible Fly Fishing Sling 

Say goodbye to cumbersome gear, and hello to a new level of convenience with FishPond’s Thunderhead Submersible Fly Fishing Sling. This durable and easy-to-use design offers quick access to all of your gear, with plenty of room to store your valuables. 

The roomy main compartment can easily hold your gear and your fishing gear, while the included side pockets store all of your extras. When you’re ready to hit the stream, swing this clean design over your shoulder and go for the gold. 

What makes it special: 

1. Designed for maximum comfort and convenience 

2. Self-healing zippers with a lifetime warranty against failure due to zipper abuse 

3. Made from high quality, durable materials that are built to last 

4. Adjustable shoulder straps and backpack straps are included in the price of this product! 

11. Fishpond Flathead Fly Fishing Sling Pack 

When the fish are biting and the conditions are right, there’s nothing like a smooth and fluid stroke to put a smile on your face. With Fishpond’s Flathead fly fishing sling pack, you’ll have all the gear you need to make your dream fishing trip come true. 

The pack’s compact size makes it easy to take with you on the go, while its durable construction ensures that it will withstand even the most strenuous use. Whether you’re traipsing through thick undergrowth or battling steep banks, this sling pack is your go-to companion for successful fishing trips every time! 

What makes it special: 

1. The Fishpond Flathead Fly Fishing Sling Pack is the perfect companion for your next fly fishing trip 

2. With two included dividers, you can keep your pack organized and quickly access items you need on the go 

3. This sling pack features a large clamshell opening with quick access magnetic front pocket to store accessories or small essentials 

4. A wide range of colors and styles available: Choose from a variety of colors and designs to match any outfit! 

12. KastKing BlowBak Tactical Fishing Sling Tackle Storage Bag 

Keep your fishing gear organized and secure with the KastKing BlowBak Tactical Fishing Sling Tackle Storage Bag. This versatile sling bag is designed with a waterproof, heavy-duty fabric and an adjustable, padded shoulder strap for carrying comfort and stability. 

It also features a front zip pocket and two side mesh pockets for carrying snacks, a phone, or other small items. The blowback is perfect for packing your fishing gear for a day of angling in the wilderness or for storing it while you’re at home. Order your KastKing BlowBak Tactical Fishing Sling Tackle Storage Bag today! 

What makes it special: 

1. Made from high-quality materials, the sling bag is durable enough to last for years of use 

2. Keep your gear organized with the Molle system on the front panel 

3. Waterproof material keeps your items safe from water damage during a rainstorm or other wet weather conditions 

4. Integrated pockets for easy access to important accessories such as lures, hooks, bait bags, etc. 

What to look for in a fly fishing sling pack? 

There are plenty of factors to look into before buying a ling pack and we will see them briefly in this section. 

Good material 

The material that the sling packs are made has a huge impact on its durability and functionality of it. Most sling packs are made from polyester and it is a good choice to go with. 


A sling pack is an accessory that falls under bag categories. Your pack should have to have enough pockets to keep your contents safe. They should be enough to keep fly boxes, tools, and flies. 


Since you might spend a long amount of time with it, it should be comfortable. Usually, the comfort lies in the strap and the material it is made of. 


The sling pack should be able to shed most water. This doesn’t mean it is waterproof as little water could get in. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Are sling packs good for fly fishing?

Sling packs are excellent additions to your fly fishing gear stack. A sling pack allows you to carry more gear than a fanny pack or vest. And it’s easier to access while on the water than a bulky backpack. 

Most of the above sling packs can be swung around to the front of your body where it’s easily accessed.

How do I choose a fly fishing pack?

The first step would be to read this article. The next step is to determine what your budget is. We cover sling packs of all price ranges above to meet almost any budget.

Does Orvis sling pack have net holder?

Yes, most Orvis sling packs have a net holster. Simply attach your net to your sling pack. The net is accessible when wearing the pack or by your fishing pal to land the monster of your dreams.

How do you set up a Fishpond summit sling?

How do you carry a net with Orvis’ sling pack?

The Orvis sling pack net holster makes carrying a net with your pack a breeze.

Is a sling back better than a backpack?

It depends on you. A sling pack is perfect when you have too much gear for a vest and a full backpack is overkill. A sling pack is also easily accessed on the water which makes tying on a new fly fast and equates to more fishing time.

Featured image by Robson Hatsukami Morgan.