The Ultimate Fly Fishing Newsletter

The fly fishing newsletter is 100% free and filled with fly fishing news, product reviews, discounts on gear, and much more.
There’s a lot of noise in the fly fishing industry. New rods and reels launched yearly to keep us coming back and spending more money. You need someone on your side, “casting” straight at you (excuse the terrible pun).
This is exactly why I created this fly fishing newsletter. We breakdown what’s happening in the industry, new products to watch (and ignore), techniques to try during your next outing, and share discounts when we come across them.

What our Fly Fishing Newsletter is:

  • Tribe – We are a tribe of fly fishermen and fly fisherwomen.
  • Hungry – We love the sport dearly and are eager to learn more.

What our Fly Fishing Newsletter is not:

  • Salesy – We will not pitch you hard on crappy products. If we find a product that’s solid and reasonably priced, we’ll share it. We’ll always be honest with you if we benefit from anything included in the newsletter (e.g., sponsorships).
  • Spammy – Your email address or information will never be sold.

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